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Clean accurate data is a must if you want to utilize what is probably one of the most under used and miss understood resources within companies.  Everything from billing and general communications to high cost, high value marketing strategies and communications will benefit from accurate healthy data.   

If you send your data to Mail Magic today we will process your data using the latest version of  our SendRight™ certified data cleaning and formatting software tool and send you an easy to follow health check report.  This report will clearly show, in easy to understand terms just what condition your data is in and what the improvements could be made if we were to fully process your data. A before and after snap shot of your data.

Send your data to: data@mailmagic.net.nz

SendRight™ will help you improve the accuracy of your addresses and the performance of your mail. It will also help improve customer communications through more efficient, streamlined and accurate data management.

As of the 1st of July 2008, bulk mail customers now need to comply with the new postcodes, data quality requirements, address and envelope layout standards in order to receive bulk mail rates. 

The Statement of Accuracy (SOA) is a certificate showing the percentage of addresses in your mailing list or database that are valid matches against the New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF). Source records against which the SOA is generated must all be active addresses in the database or mailing list. New Zealand Post defines active addresses as any address record that will be included in a bulk mail lodgment within the 12-month validity of the SOA.  Statement of Accuracy is valid for 12 months (subject to conditions).

From 1 July 2008, bulk mail customers are now required to have an SOA of 85% or more to continue to receive full bulk mail discounts. The portion of mail below the 85% threshold will be charged at a different rate to the bulk mail rate. For example, where an SOA of 80% is achieved, 5% will be charged at the separate rate, most likely the full card rate.