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  • You have a database or a mailing list that can be modified if required
  • Database details are accurate and complete
  • Database is correctly formatted
  • Database has been issued with current Statement of Accuracy (SOA) if required
  • You have circulated a timeline to all interested suppliers that should be regularly updated
  • You have a JPEG of your signature if required
  • Inserts fit the envelopes
  • Envelopes meet both your insert requirements and your NZ Postal budget
  • Envelopes are consistent with printing requirements i.e Approved by NZ Post for Layout
  • The actual postage cost does not exceed budget
  • You have signed off any over-printing i.e NZ Post approval
  • Make sure you follow up your campaign to maximize all opportunities presented
  • Privacy Act regulations and requirements have been adhered to
  • You or your Mailhouse Representative have met with NZ Post to discuss an account number, a permit number, a lodgment book and your postage requirements


It’s all too easy to ignore timelines, but this is when job delays begin to creep in. Timelines need to be open for discussion and any suggested changes updated to show the knock-on effects of any delays.  When developing your timeline, start from the desired mail date and work back instead of working from the current day forward

Database details

The database is key to the success or failure of any DM campaign – even small inaccuracies can make all the difference. A common database failing is the exclusion of important information.  Incomplete or out of date postal or address information and postcodes will have a big effect on GNAs (Gone no Address) and possibly any postal discounts.  Incorrect or incomplete Titles (Mr., Mrs.), initials and names will cause obvious problems when wanting to personalize that letter or DM piece.  Creating salutations will also be effected - Dear Bob or Dear Mr Jones could end up looking like Dear B or Dear Jones.  If you have any doubts regarding your data send to us for a Data Healthcheck.

Insert Sizes and Appearance

Insert size; This may sound obvious, but checking that the inserts fit into the envelopes is often overlooked. Envelopes require a minimum of 6mm clearance on each side for machining.  Just because you can make it fit by hand inserting does not mean it can be machine inserted. 

Appearance; Always bear in mind the overall impression of your DM material. Multiple inserts that vary in size and/or of a different format/appearance can look messy and unprofessional

Envelope Printing

Overprinting costs; While it is agreed that envelopes with high impact four colour graphics will gain a greater open rate it is worth noting that this can lead to an expensive error if printing does not comply with NZ Post standards and could threaten any budget if not allowed for.  All proposed over printing of envelopes should be signed off  by NZ Post to ensure that it won't jeopardize any potential postal discounts and to ensure compliance.  You can and are encouraged to be as creative as you like but bear in mind you will be paying more for the actual postage cost.

Envelopes Continued

In general inserting machines cannot cope with self-seal envelopes.  Great for the office, bad for inserters.  Because of this it is important remember to order Tropical Seal envelopes if want your mail house to utilize machine inserters.   If you are printing your envelopes to add additional impact then discuss this with your mail house first and remember to run the artwork by NZ Post.  Note that in addition to any graphics, your envelopes will need a permit number and a return address.  Also NZ Post will need to sign off/approve any printing of envelopes to ensure they comply with NZ Post specifications.

Postage Cost

Postage cost;  When calculating your DM campaign budget, it is important to consider the actual postage cost. It is advisable you consult NZ Post or Mail Magic prior to making a decision as to the size, weight and method of postage.  Envelopes, plastic or clear film wrapping or perhaps a box will all incur very different postal cost.  A significant portion of your DM campaigns budget will be postal or distribution cost. You can reduce this significantly by complying with NZ Post regulations and presenting the mail correctly.  NZ Post currently offer discounts for volume post mail of up to 51% so going the extra mile and complying with NZ Postal standards is well worth the effort.  For more information regarding these discounts contact Mail Magic or your NZ Post account manager.

Rates below based on NZ Post current pricing and should be considered indicative only. 

      Std Rate                                         Size                                   Discount rate       
$0.50 Cents     Medium DLE & Max Pop                                           $0.3827 cents      
$1.50 cents  C4 325 x 230mm$0.7265 cents