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Mail Magic is the trading name of Finish Line Ltd.  Mail Magic was setup April 2002 to service primarily but not exclusively the Direct Marketing industry. 

Our philosophy is to become part of the campaign team and not just another supplier.  We encourage design and innovation and believe that a successful campaign also reflects positively on Mail Magic.   

As with all companies we value our relationship with our clients.  It is after all what keeps us in business.  To keep that relationship healthy requires good effective communication.  We make a commitment to all our clients that we will be totally up front and transparent with all aspects of our business together.  This would also include advising on realistic time lines.   There will come a time when a jobs deadline may be in jeopardy, you need to know this up front and in a timely fashion.  I like to call it "telling you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear".  

Mail Magic is a 100% family owned and operated business employing three family members full time and one part time.  We also have a significant casual pool that is utilized as and when work load requires it. 

Unlike a lot of other companies, when you call us for a quote or general discussion you are most likely to be talking to the Managing Director or at the very least a family member.  Because of this you can expect to receive a greater level of service.  Its only natural, when you have a vested interset you are always going to go the extra mile.

Key Staff List

Managing Director: Mark Dunasemant                                                                             Office Manager: Carolyn Dunasemant                                                                          Production Manager: Kyle Dunasemant