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Ok as a company you need too, no want too invoice your customers as quickly and effectively as possible.  After all the sooner your client receives their invoice or statement the sooner they are likely to pay, but for many companies processing the statements or invoices for mail usually means the receptionist or anyone unlucky enough to be found in the office at the time gets to sit down and manually fold and insert your mail.

Of course this does not include the actual printing of the variable documents which if your laser printer is behaving its self today may not take too long but lets face it laser printers are expensive to own and operate and notorious for misbehaving when ever you really need them.  

Now for a lot of companies the mail has always been processed this way, its worked fine for the last 20 years so why change it right!   Well of course a lot of things will have changed over those 20 years.  Your company has probaly grown significantly and a trend towards lower staffing levels leaving remaining staff to cover multiple roles with greater work loads and responsabilities are just a couple of changes that may have occurred during that time.  However it is a fair bet that one of the things that has not changed much if at all is how the statements and invoices are processed.  

In recent years outsourcing has been the number one cost-cutting tool used by businesses wanting to focus more on marketing their products and services and less on tasks requiring overhead. Outsourcing the processing and printing of variable documents like statements and invoices reduces costs for office space, staff, equipment and has possible savings implications for postage, and can even enhance cash flow due to the more rapid billing process.

One compelling if not obvious reason companies consider document outsourcing is to reduce capital investment and on-going expenses for laser printers, mail machines (if there are any), software, and personnel - all of which are utilized on a part time basis. Outsourcing to Mail Magic offers state-of-the-art production facilities allowing you to pay only for your company's usage.

In a competitive world, successful companies have become more focused and specialized than ever before. Sales and revenue growth are imperative - building fixed overhead is not. Today, many organizations recognize there is no competitive advantage in building and managing print and mail operations.

Well its a lot easier than you think.  Basiclly there are two options available to companies wanting to outsource statements and invoices. 

Option 1: You maintain your own print facility, print your own documents and supply them to Mail Magic for folding and inserting into envelopes then lodge mail with NZ Post.  This option can be usefull if you have an existing lease aggreement or have recently invested in expensive printing equipment you can continue to utilize that equipment.  Some minor alterations may be required in the layout of the documents to ensure address blocks are in the correct position but thats all. 

Option 2: Outsource the printing to Mail Magic and we take care of everything from there.  This is a little more involved but certainly not difficult.  If you can process your documents as PDFs then it is actually quite easy.  We have specialized software that can look at a PDF file and group customers and page counts together process a barcode for matching and then print the entire file.  Once printed the documents are sent to our state of art intelligent mail insertion machine.  The inserter reads the barcode and pulls only that customers pages, folds and inserts into envelopes.  


For more information please click on Request a Quote or contact                                       Mark Dunasemant 09 835 9555 or 021 324490 or Email: mark@finishline.co.nz